Kathryn began her law practice in Florida in 1999 after graduating from Stetson University College of Law.  Currently, she has her own practice in Fort Myers, where she has resided for 25 years.   Prior to beginning her law practice, she worked as a Comptroller, Financial Analyst and Senior Staff Accountant for a publically traded corporation.  This experience has proved invaluable in her law practice.  In addition to working in private practice, she worked in legal services and served as the Executive Director of the Lee County Legal Aid Society from 2006 to 2014. 
Kathryn has extensive experience in family law matters including Dissolution of Marriage and Paternity cases.  At the legal aid society, she gained immeasurable experience dealing with issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health.   Since all of those cases involved children, she has first- hand knowledge as to how those issues affect families. 
Kathryn has significant litigation experience and has tried approximately 450 cases.  Her philosophy though is to work hard to achieve a resolution of the case without intervention by a judge.  That approach can minimize the effect on the parents and their children and allow them to move forward in a constructive fashion.